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Dr. Lerman/Dr. Brown - Christine Hoyt Profile

Dr. Kelly, Dr. Brown and Dr. Hinshaw Perform Surgery on Patient with Giant Cell Tumor of the Bone

Dr. Lerman and Dr. Sobky Resect and Reconstruct Chondrosarcoma in Patient's Shoulder

Patient Opts for Double Amputation and Walks Again After 9 Years in a Wheelchair

Targeted Muscle Reinnervation by Dr. Schnur & Dr. Lerman Gives Freedom to Patient Post Surgery

Dr. Lerman and Dr. Schnur Treat 27-Year-Old Patient with Epithelioid Sarcoma

Dr. Daniel Lerman Helps Alaskan Sarcoma Patient After Her Dog Indicates Something is Wrong

Dr. David Hahn Saves Marcus Bullock's Leg After Motorcycle Accident

Dr. Cynthia Kelly Saved Crystal's Arm from a Bone Tumor

Dr. Kelly has been amazing with our daughter. She’s no nonsense, which in her line of work is necessary in my opinion. We find her very warm and caring once you get past the initial diagnosis. We would recommend her to anyone needing a surgical oncologist!

She's an excellent orthopedic surgeon one of the best in her field.

Dr Kelly is amazing she goes above and beyond for her patients she would call me after hours she would make me feel comfortable and answer all my questions.. whenever anyone needs to see orthopedic for any reason i always refer to Dr Kelly.. i thank her for all she has done for me.. thank you and you are absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Dr. Kelly has cared for my father for several years now. She genuinely cares for her patients and is one of the most knowledgeable Dr’s we have met. We are blessed to have her taking care of our father and would recommend her over and over again!

Dr Kelly is the best doctor, GREAT bedside manners, GREAT skills. She put me back together when other doctor on the Western Slopes said my leg needed amputated. Dr Kelly is THE BEST

Dr Kelly has been awesome sense day one!
Would recommend her to others who would need need hip surgery. Not only is she Pleasant and easy to work with, her entire staff made me feel welcomed and cared for!

Dr. Kelly is amazing. She cares very deeply about her patients, she is very honest and upfront. Dr. Kelly has helped me get through all 7 of my joints that have AVN and she has not once led me in the wrong direction! I always recommend her.

She is knows what she is doing and she does it great. She is to the point and no sense which some people see as rude. But when you are that good, and you see some tough cases she doesn't just take just ordinary my knee hurts. These people she deals with are dealing with hard cases. I highly recommend her she is awesome.

Dr Hahn and his staff have been very understanding and caring. They know all I want to do is keep walking. They also accommodate my issues. Thanks.

Thank you Dr. Hahn, almost 2 years out from fusion. Ankle feels great, can put full weight on toes of fused ankle side and balance as of this morning! I could not do this 3 years before surgery. Keep up the great work.

My father and I had several doctors discuss with us about my dad's amputation. The former doctor's were pretty blunt and really had no compassion towards my father nor myself on hearing the news of the amputation which possibly could have been avoided were they would have done a vascular procedure. I sought out another opinion and met with Dr. Hahn. The news was still the same but the level of care and the way that the news was given to my father and I made all the difference. Dr. Hahn also gave my father hope, even in his condition with other health issues. The day of the surgery Dr. Hahn spoke with my family and stated that he thought about the surgery the night before and decided to make adjustments to the plan. Dr. Hahn said if it were his father this is what he would do. My father is doing better since the amputation of a leg that had gangrene. Dr. Hahn is one of the good ones; passionate about his work but also compassionate for those who are experiening the surgery.

Dr Hahn is my hero!!!! After 3 failed attempts with another surgeon, Dr. Hahn successfully fused my subtalar joint and saved me a below the knee amputation. He is never in a rush, he explains everything in detail, and is so kind to his patients. In addition, his office staff is amazing. They are easy to work with, they listen intently, and make the process much more pleasant. My journey with my ankle has been an eight year odyssey and thank God, Dr. Hahn has brought this to a successful end. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him! Thank you so much, Dr. Hahn and staff!

Dr. Hahn completed a number of ankle surgeries to try and repair my ankle, which was a mess from more than a dozen sprains. He always spent time with me as a person, not just a patient. I was incredibly sad when my employer changed insurance companies to Kaiser; I could no longer see Dr. Hahn. I just switched insurance companies again and Dr. Hahn is an approved provider! SO excited and can't wait to go back and see what his thoughts are about possible options for 20 years of chronic pain in my ankle!

Always clean, staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Hahn is incredible, listens to his patients and goes above and beyond to help them.

I just wanted to take a moment 1 year after my surgeries with David Hahn MD. I have have a total of 22 surgeries prior to David and have had some good experiences and some bad. I hope that whoever is reading this believes me when I say he is TOP NOTCH! I had a such a great experience working with David I have nothing bad to say. He performed 5 surgeries on my left foot and ankle to include Achilles lengthen, releasing an impingement in my ankle, raising my foot bed, releasing my toes and pinning them (and removing them), and inserting a screw in my broken foot bone. These surgeries have drastically changed my life and my activity level. Coming from not being able to walk more than two blocks and fighting ulceration's on the bottom of my foot from abnormal pressure points, I can now hike 6 miles and wear normal shoes with no ulcerations! Unbelievable. I relied on David for advice and experience which he had plenty of, he spent more than enough time with me during discovery, which we all know can be a challenge with most doctors, and guided me down the path that was best for me. I focused hard on rehab and am so happy with the results. Thank you David and his Team!

The Best of the Best! Thanks Captain!

Thank you so much for all you have done for my husband!! Love your fantastic work!!

OMG!!! Simply the best! He really knows his field of medicine, top Ortho Dr in the 11 western states. I has a car accident and the trauma ortho surgeon did surgeey twice and still didn't fix anything. Dr. Lerman was honest about my situation and confidant that he and Dr. Schnurr (plastic surgeon) could fix and save my leg. Im so greatful to them. He also has a wonderful personality.

He is a great doctor! I and my family feel the best one. I trust in him to do what he needs to do to get the job done. You need an orthopedist one day? I recommend him and his staff highly!

He did Awesome job with my mom . Thank u .

Hey, this guy is GOOD! Knows his stuff and will listen to you like you have a brain. His honesty is refreshing. He takes issues head on and wont let you give up. He even stopped in to say “hi” when I was in seeing other doctor. This shows me he cares in all aspects of your care and whatever else is going on. Cuz’ lets face it where ortho stuff is concerned, it aint fun. He’s a Cowboy! Willing to try. He helped me.

Dr. Lerman is the best! He stood by me and let me decide what I wanted to do and he has a great bedside manner and listens! I am from out of town and would recommend him to anyone! My experience was awesome and his assistant Katie is the best also!

He is the go to guy if you want and need the best. He treats you with respect and he listens to you for sure. His bedside manner is respectful and caring. He knows what he’s doing! Dr Lerman is one of the finest ortho’s I have been to. And I have had to see a lot. Way to go!

Dr. Lerman has performed emergency surgeries on my father who has an uncanny knack of taking a turn for the worst whenever his primary orthopedic doctor is out of town. Even so, Dr. Lerman has shown such professionalism and compassion with not only my father but our entire family

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